About Primoz Babsek

Primoz Babsek has a long history of playing poker. He played almost any poker format that exists successfully. He is also the founder of Poker Fortress.

My Poker Story

I was introduced to poker in 2006. I was only 18 or 19 at the time. I remember my friend telling me how he played against one guy that claimed to make around $4.000 per month just from playing poker.
I was in my first year of college and was starting to regret my decision for mechanical engineering as my field of study. It wasn’t particularly interesting, and the idea of being a professional poker player came at a perfect time. I was young and had nothing to lose. So I quickly researched online for best coaching material out there and focused on learning the game for a few months. At first, I made a few deposits of $50 and lost it all every time.

After playing a sufficient amount of hands, learning about bankroll management, and finding PokerStrategy, I finally managed to become a winning player.

In my 10-year-old long professional poker career, I played almost any form of poker, mostly full ring and 6max cash games. But for the last few years, I focused on PLO cash games. My bread and butter were mostly low stakes and even microstakes, and with mass multi-tabling, I managed to make a decent living each month.

In my career, I had played more than 5 million hands of No Limit Holdem and at this point at least 1 million hands of Pot-Limit Omaha. I was 24 tabling on Pokerstars when this was still possible and the rakeback was good.

At some point, I was even 35 tabling MTT Sit and Go’s. I was like an actual robot.

So quite understandably, after many years, the passion for the game and grinding sick amount of hands each month has made it a little monotonous, so I started to learn to code on the side.

I self-learned to code, joined a coding boot camp, and for the last two years, I have been playing poker part-time while being a React developer and recently a CTO in a startup in Vienna, Austria.
Currently, I don’t see myself going back to playing full time, as I really enjoy working as a programmer. But rest assured, I spend many weekends and evenings still battling it out at poker tables.

One thing that I really enjoy about poker nowadays is teaching all the newcomers to poker. It brings me personal satisfaction, knowing I was able to answer a question that someone interested in poker had.

Keep learning, and good luck at the tables!