About Poker Fortress

Poker Fortress is a website that teaches people anything about poker. It is best known for teaching beginners’ concepts, although you can find some advanced concepts also.

“We help people to become winning poker players, and provide answers to basic poker questions.”

Our Story

The website was built in late 2019 after we noticed that there is a lot of content for poker, but one big gap remained untouched. All the other poker sites focus on expensive courses and include advanced concepts, but they completely ignore the very basics. All the questions that a true beginner may have when they are first introduced to the great game called poker.

On the website you can find more than hundred articles, majority of them are aimed at answering basic poker questions. So you can be confident and well prepared for poker games.

There is even a lot of information that you can find, which even seasonal professional players are unaware of. It is our mission to keep providing you with good quality tips and answers.

Good luck at the tables!