Best 7 Tables in 2023 For a Home Poker Night For Any Budget

If you don’t have a poker table for home poker game night, you don’t know what you are missing. Having a poker table at home can make game night more fun, and you’d be surprised how many new poker buddies you’d make just by keeping a classy gaming table in your house. 

The best poker table you can invest in in 2023 is the Triton Classic Folding Poker table which comes in two varieties — one for eight players and one for ten players. The Triton is sleek, classy, and quickly set up anywhere with enough space. 

The only instances in which I wouldn’t recommend the Triton Classic are if: 

In this article, I’ll tell you about the best tables for at-home poker nights and teach you about all the pros and cons of each one. I’ll also discuss what makes the Triton Classic Folding Poker Table the top pick for most people and give you some other options based on what you are looking for.

Have a small apartment and not enough space for a poker table? Then poker table tops could be a good option for you.

1. Best Overall: Triton Classic Folding Poker Table

If you’re a poker enthusiast and have the money to spend, you can stop reading this article and invest in the Triton. 

In all my years of playing at-home poker games on hundreds of different tables, I’d say that this table takes the cake. It feels like a casino-style table, but it’s foldable, making it simple to store in tight spaces. 

The Triton weighs roughly 50 kgs (110 lbs) which means it’s portable and ideal for regular use. Even if your group of friends plans to host poker nights at different locations, you can carry the Triton along with you to add that professional touch to your games. 

While you can play all poker variants at this table, it’s best to use it for Texas Holdem, as it was designed with Holdem in mind. You can also use this sleek table for Blackjack games if your friends want a break from poker. 

The oval shape grants enough surface area for ten players to be seated together, with ample space to place their cards, drinks, and chips within comfortable reach. 

That’s right. You won’t have to worry about bumping elbows with the people sitting next to you, which is a relief from the tightly-packed games played on dining tables!

Each player is provided with a faux leather armrest to place their hands on during a round. The armrest is topped off with a stainless steel cup holder to hold your drink and keep it out of the way during the game. 

While this may not seem like much, having a designated space for drinks gives the table a much neater appearance, allowing players to focus better and improve the quality of their game. 

The fact that it’s foldable but still incredibly sturdy gives this table a significant advantage over most other home poker tables. 

And if you don’t like the traditional red poker felt, Triton offers customers a variety of colored felts to choose from. So, you can switch things up every time you host a poker night with this table!


  • The foldable design allows for quick setup, and you can assemble the Triton poker table within thirty seconds. 
  • The felt mat can be removed from the table and rolled up if you prefer to use it separately or change the color.
  • The poker mat surface is spill-proof, ensuring that accidents and spills don’t interrupt your games. 
  • You can use the Triton table for most poker variants, including Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, and other home games. 


  • While it’s portable, the Triton folding table isn’t exactly lightweight (weighing in at 50 kgs or 110 lbs). 
  • The Triton folding table is pretty pricey compared to most other medium-range poker tables on this list. 

The Triton may be heavy and a bit of an investment, but it’s hard to find a poker table that can bring that classy Vegas finish to any place you decide to set it up. So, as we mentioned, if you have the money and you’re crazy about poker, this table is the one for you.


2. Best Budget Poker Table: Luckyermore Poker Table

Some of us may not be willing to go all-in on a poker table, because frankly, some tables can be pretty pricey.

Some may decide that playing poker once a month is satisfactory but still want to feel that official poker game vibe. 

If you’re one of those people looking for a quality poker table on a strict budget, the Luckyermore table is the ideal choice. 

While it doesn’t have the luxurious feel of the sleek Triton table, the design and aesthetics should suffice for at-home games. 

This table comes in a neat octagonal shape instead of the regular oval-shaped tables that typically accompany classic poker. This shape separates the table into eight distinct sections where chairs can be placed for eight players to enjoy the game together. 

And don’t worry about privacy. Although the table looks more petite than most poker tables, you can rest assured that your cards will stay well-guarded from your opponents’ view with the angular design of the tabletop. 

And while this is a budget table, it comes with some of the perks of a regular high-end poker table. 

This piece is equipped with cozy, spongy armrests to ensure your arms stay relaxed even throughout those long all-nighter games. 

Additionally, each armrest is equipped with a cup holder to keep your drink safe throughout the game. The cupholders ensure that the table stays safe and free from spills, and even if something makes it onto the top of the table, it’s water-resistant, making cleanups a breeze. 

The most significant advantage of this particular table is its incredibly lightweight design. Weighing in at just above 30 lbs (13.6 kg),  you can easily carry the Luckyermore poker table wherever you and your friends desire to play. It’s easy to hold by yourself, so you won’t need to call for help, no matter how strong or weak you might be.

While the product claims to be foldable, in reality, it’s only foldable before you attach the legs. So, you’ll need to dismantle the legs to move them around before folding the tabletop, which can be a bit time-consuming.


  • The Luckyermore is a low-budget poker table that still gives you the feel of a real poker game. 
  • The table comes with armrests with cup holders to relax between hands. 
  • A more compact size makes this table easier to set up in smaller areas. 
  • It’s lightweight and easily portable. 


  • This table can’t seat more than eight players at a time. 
  • You cannot fold the table once the legs are attached, and dismantling takes some work. 
  • The top isn’t large enough to play all poker variants with a full table. 

3. Best Value For The Money: Barrington Billiards Poker Table

Some of us want the classy feel of Vegas-style poker at home without having to pay too much for it. And this table from Barrington Billiards Company offers the ideal solution. 

This 84 by 42 inch (213 by 106 cm) table is ideal for all kinds of poker games and can comfortably accommodate up to ten players. You can also get this table in two color combinations: 

  • A blue felt finish with black armrests 
  • A black felt finish with brown armrests 

And don’t they both sound so classy? 

The tabletop is reinforced with a metal frame, so there’s no fear of damage, even with players resting their total weight on it during play. The legs are also made from solid, reinforced metal to support the weight of ten burly men casually resting on the tabletop. 

This one from Barrington comes with padded armrests like all luxury poker tables. To those of you who don’t think it matters, play a whole night of poker with and without armrests, and you’ll immediately notice the difference! 

And, of course, the armrests are fitted out with cup holders to place your drinks so that they stay safe during the game. These cupholders help keep the poker night comfortable and fun as guests can keep sipping on their drinks while playing. 

The tabletop is made from plywood, and as mentioned, this surface is supported by a metal finish. As such, this piece is durable, and you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. 

So, while it may cost a bit more than regular poker tables, this piece from Barrington is worth it in the long run. 

As a bonus, this table from Barrington has demarcated spots for the flop, turn, and river cards. So if you’re playing with a newbie, they can quickly figure out where to place these cards during their deal. 

While the table is primarily for playing poker, you can use it for various card and board games. Yes, it’s lengthy and broad, but it is still small enough that players are within easy reach of each other. 

Finally, this table can be folded easily and stashed under a bed or loaded in the car trunk when you’re heading out for a poker game.


  • You can enjoy the benefits of a classic and stylish poker feel at a moderate cost. 
  • The foldable design of this table allows for easy storage and portability. 
  • The reinforced metal frame and legs keep the table safe from damage and ensure prolonged durability. 


  • The reinforced metal frame makes this table heavier than most portable poker tables. 
  • The product comes with only a 90-day limited warranty. 

4. Best LED Poker Table: Lek LED Foldable Poker Table

If you’re looking to woo your family and friends with the kind of poker table that will have them coming back for years, this LED folding poker table should do the trick. 

This table is the standard 84 by 42 inches (213 by 106 cm), making it large enough to play many different games. 

The oval shape and lengthy design ensure that ten players can be seated comfortably during a game. The table surface is also spacious enough to play different variants, including 5-Card Draw and Seven-Card Stud. 

Usability, appearance, and comfort are all top-notch with this piece. However, most people who purchase this table typically go for one thing – the stunning LED lights that turn your poker game into an aesthetic light show. 

The LED strip running on the inside of the table can light up the cards, giving your game a futuristic yet warm and calming look. The lights are also ideal for people who can’t see well or like to play in dimly-lit rooms.

You can plug the table into a standard power outlet, and the wire runs underneath the table, giving the whole piece a seamless finish. 

You don’t have to sacrifice practicality for a stunning look with this table’s thick black and gray table apron, comfy armrests, deep stainless steel cup holders, and sturdy design. 

The armrests are roughly seven inches wide, making them spacious enough for players to stretch their arms out between hands. 

You also don’t have to worry about assembly, as the design is incredibly user-friendly, requiring little effort from your side to set up. It is also foldable for easy storage, so you can get a classy look with an efficient design!


  • A sturdy design with reinforced legs ensures that the table lasts through the years. 
  • The bright blue LED lights make this table an exciting one to play on while also increasing visibility.
  • It has a foldable design for simple storage.


  • The table is weighty, so it isn’t as transportable as other folding poker tables. 
  • The LED plug is in the center of the table to hide it, but that can make plugging it in more challenging, and you may need an extension cord.

5. Best-Looking Poker Table: Kingston Game Table 

Here’s a game table that doesn’t have the same look and feel as the other regular poker tables on this list. This table is all about beauty, and I’m sure it will make your poker night feel like an elite social gathering.

Hillsdale, the creators of this table, claim that their Kingston will ‘put your game nights on a pedestal,’ and they aren’t far from the truth. 

The classic cherry finish of this wooden table gives it a warm feel and a look that oozes class. This table is designed as a bumper-pool table, but you can easily convert it to a classy dining table or the kind of table found in old poker rooms. 

When this piece is converted to a poker table, you’ll see a sleek wooden frame that complements the oak base with a rich brown color. This wooden frame encloses a rich black-felt surface finished with cup holders and a tray for game accessories, in this case, poker chips. 

With its classy finish and chic blacktop, this table would be right at home at one of Monte Carlo’s poker clubs. It has a look that can fit into any well-furnished house, and it can elevate your decor with its elaborately carved details and old-world design. 

Aside from poker and dining, this table makes for an excellent ornamental piece. So, you can set it up as furniture in the middle of the drawing-room, and you can surprise your friends by quickly converting it to a classy poker table! 

Still, this table’s compact 56 by 56 inch (142 by 142 cm) size only seats four players. So, if you have large poker parties, this table might not be the one for you.


  • While this poker table isn’t foldable, it’s still easily portable, thanks to its compact size. 
  • This poker table has multiple uses and is an excellent addition to home furniture, even when not in play. 
  • The Kingston table has a classy, chic look, unlike the other tables here, so it makes a lovely table when you cover it up.


  • This table comes with rubber coasters instead of classic cup holders, so there’s a higher likelihood of spills. 
  • This table is smaller than most other poker tables, and it can be uncomfortable playing with a more significant number of people. 
  • While this table is portable, you can’t fold it, so transporting it can be tricky. 

6. Best Casino-style Table: Trademark Poker Hold’em Table

If you’re looking for a classic, professional poker feel, this long 96 inch (243.8 cm) poker table from Trademark Poker is your best bet. 

It’s the same size as the tables used in most casinos and during the televised poker series on ESPN, so if you’re a pro looking to host large parties, this is the table for you.

This Trademark Poker table is equipped with a padded armrest covered in high-grade, moisture and mildew-resistant material. 

So, you won’t have to worry about guests who get all sweaty under pressure. At least their worries won’t trickle onto your armrests! The materials also make this table ideal for storing since it won’t get gross, even if you keep it in a damp basement or storage locker. 

The tabletop comes with a green felt covering over sturdy plywood. The entire frame of the table and the legs are reinforced with metal, making this table incredibly durable. 

And if you’re looking to add a more professional touch, this table even comes with a dealer space so that you can hire a dealer (or take the role for yourself) for your poker nights. 

While this table is pretty lengthy, it can accommodate up to nine players (not ten like the rest) and comes with nine built-in cup holders for drinks. 

However, the cup holders are pretty shallow and won’t firmly hold your drink, so you might have a few guests spilling their drinks on the table. You can get this rectified by finding replacements online and swapping them out, but it’s sure to cost you a few bucks. 

Additionally, most models online say they come with a dropbox but usually don’t. So if you want to add a dropbox so the dealers can receive a nice tip every few hands, you’ll have to install one yourself. 


  • The table is similar to casino tables, giving players that professional feel for the game. 
  • There’s a designated space for the dealer, so players can sit back without having to shuffle and deal. 
  • The table is lengthier than most online poker tables, so there’s adequate space for players to sit comfortably. 


  • The cup holders on this table are pretty shallow and don’t firmly hold the drink.
  • While the table is elegant and functional, it’s not worth the price compared to other tables with similar features.

7. Best Table For Big Parties: IDS Poker Light Series Table

This table from IDS poker comes with the typical features found on most foldable poker tables on this list. Aside from comfy armrests, you’ll find an elegant wooden racetrack design on the inside of the table, clearly demarking the area of action from the players. 

Additionally, this table is a lot more spacious than most other tables on this list, with a length of 96 inches (2.43 m) that can accommodate ten players and a dealer if required. 

The bulky size is supported by reinforced metal under the tabletop and on the legs for added durability. The legs fold underneath the table for easy storage, but it can still be challenging to find a spot for this table since you can’t fold the surface in half. 

You can choose from a selection of black, blue, green, and red prints for the felt, each adding a unique look to the table. 

Unfortunately, most customer reviews claim that the cupholder isn’t large enough to hold glasses or cups of various sizes. So if you’re planning to get this one, you’ll either want to redo the cup holders or place smaller tables by the side of players to hold their drinks.


  • The large size can accommodate up to 10 players and a dealer.
  • It includes a wooden track and cup holders.
  • Large enough to support various games.
  • It has folding legs for storage. 


  • The cupholders can be too shallow or narrow for most standard cup sizes.
  • This table does not include armrests. 
  • The table does not fold in half, making it hard to find a suitable storage spot. 

Key Takeaways

While most tables on this list can help recreate that professional poker vibe, the Triton is one of the few that combines a classy look with easy portability. And if you’re looking to get a high-quality table that’s worth the investment, Triton is your best bet.