This is why Poker Players Wear Hoodies

Have you ever wondered why many poker players turn up at games wearing hoodies? What is it with the hoodies, and why is everyone wearing them? Do they give players some kind of advantage over their opponents, or is this habit just a harmless fashion trend? This article will answer every question that has crossed your mind as regards poker players and their romance with hoodies.

Poker players wear hoodies to conceal physical tells while others do it because it is fashionable and some because it is very comfy during longer poker sessions. There isn’t a set reason poker players wear hoodies, but certain players are intentional about their choice to wear hoodies to poker games.

Wearing a hoodie to conceal physical tells is a good idea if you are new to poker.

Poker is a mentally challenging game, with many players having to continually come up with brilliant strategies to make the most of the hands they get. These excellent ideas could mean some players end up wearing ridiculous outfits, but as long as it’s effective and doesn’t break any rule, it’s okay.

Below you can find a popular poker hoodie that many poker players like:

What is so Special About Hoodies?

The answer to this question would be everything and nothing. Hoodies to poker players are like marijuana to people; Some take it for its medicinal value, others smoke it because they want to get high while a few others smoke it to look cool. It is more like a multi-purpose thing. In like manner, there are poker players who wear hoodies for genuine reasons while others do it just for the sake of it or because it looks cool and trendy. Some have also associated the hoodie trend with a young generation of poker players. While that’s debatable, you’re more likely to see a younger player wearing a hoodie than a player who is well above 40.

To better understand, let’s go deeper into some reasons poker players love to wear hoodies.

Wearing Hoodies to Conceal Physical Tells

Half the time, poker players are trying to read the game and their opponents to get a hint of their intentions. A slight emotional reaction is enough to tell if a player has a weak or strong hand. Most players try to hide this unconscious emotional reaction by putting on a strong ”poker face,” but an intelligent player can read a tell from a throbbing vein in the head or neck as a physical sign of a strong hand, and they’re usually right. To prevent their body from giving them away, many poker players cover themselves up by wearing hoodies. It’s a decent strategy, especially for players who are still learning to play the game. Keeping a straight face and getting your body to stay still no matter the outcome of a game is an art that will take some time to learn. So, until you can trust your body, a hoodie is a great idea.

Wearing Hoodies to Intimidate

Some players wear a hoodie to intimidate others at a poker table.

Dressing a certain way to fool your opponent into misreading your personality is a strategy that many poker players use at the table. One of such strategic fashion choice is wearing hoodies to poker games. Although some poker players think this is an amateur move, some players walk into casinos looking like a character from an action movie in a bid to intimidate their opponents.
While a player wearing a hoodie and a pair of dark shades might look intimidating when he’s staring at you, some pros believe this strategy mostly works on recreational poker players.
Professional players interpret intimidating stares from opponents as a sign that they have a weak hand. You will only try to intimidate players into putting them off betting. If you have a good hand, you’d want them to keep betting, to grow your pot, hence the logic. Notwithstanding, this is still a decent strategic move, as long as you’re not playing highstakes poker and sat in the midst of pros who can see right through you.

Wearing Hoodies for Comfort

Hoodies are comfy. They’re soft and hug your skin nicely. The game of poker is physically and mentally demanding, which means players usually want to get as comfortable as possible to help their nerves during the game.

 As you may have noticed, some casinos can become too cold with the air conditioning on full blast. When you’re trying to keep your emotions and composure in check, the last thing you want is to worry about is your health. To avoid being too cold during a game, wearing a hoodie to keep you warm and protected is undoubtedly a great idea.

Wearing Hoodies Because it’s Fashionable

Lastly, some players simply wear hoodies because they’re trendy. For these guys, it’s not about hiding tells or intimidating their opponents; they wear hoodies for the sake of it. Also, some people like to dress like their favorite poker players.
No doubt many people watch poker on TV and see lots of players wearing hoodies. It is, therefore, not a surprise that they dress similarly while going to poker games to look the part. This trend is usually found amongst younger players and recreational players.

Recreational players and the younger generation like to wear hoodies because they are fashionable.

Does Wearing a Hoodie Make you a Better Player?

Not exactly. Hoodies have their advantages, but it is quite unlikely that your poker skills will improve significantly just by wearing a hoodie to a game. As I mentioned earlier in this article, hoodies help players hide physical tells, intimidate opponents, and get comfortable in a game. All of those benefits can help improve your chances, but you still need to practice your gameplay to get better at poker.

While I don’t think hoodies can improve your gameplay, I’m certainly in support of the idea of wearing hoodies. You need all the help you can get on a poker table, and you cannot underrate the benefits of a hoodie during a game. So, will wearing a hoodie make you a better player? I think not. Should you wear hoodies? If you think it will help your confidence or make you feel better, then you should.

Is there a Dress Code in Poker?

While many players have no issue following the trend of poker players in hoodies, baseball hats, and sunglasses, there are still some people who are disgusted by sight. There have been several calls from different quarters to enforce dress codes in poker, especially for televised games.

Up till the point of writing this article, it doesn’t look like many casinos fancy restricting their customer’s fashion choices by enforcing dress code rules. However, with many people complaining about the frequent sight of poorly dressed players, it is expected that tournaments will enforce dress code rules sooner rather than later.

Casinos might enforce dress code rules for tournaments soon.

Final Thoughts

I’ve seen poker players dressed in ridiculous clothes, and I’ve seen players who are dressed as though they work in a bank. One of the fun things about playing poker is that people can be what they want on that table. While some of them are just having fun, others are simply masking their real personalities in a ploy to fool their opponents into thinking they play a certain way.
The whole idea of wearing hoodies to a game is an individual thing. Some people even go as far as wearing dark shades and baseball hats to hide tells, look cool, or both. If you wish to immerse yourself in the hoodie craze, by all means, do, but if you’re hoping to improve your poker game significantly, then you’ll do well to hire a professional to help take your game to the next level.

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