6 Best Poker Video Games to Improve Your Game

When the poker boom started in 2003, many companies immediately adapted, launching online poker sites, forums, blogs, and even video games. Most of them are gone as quickly as they emerged, but the best ones solidified themselves as the best for poker players. This “purge” of poker programs include the video games that can help you improve.

Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu remains one of the best poker video games that can help you improve. Full House Poker, Prominence Poker, and WSOP 2008 are other games that can develop your skills. These games can help anyone learn the game, but can also help intermediate players win more games.

There are a lot of other games that you can play, but with the cost of video games these days, it would be best to learn more about them, right? We’ll cover the best ones that you can buy starting at the early stages of the poker boom. Stick around to find the best poker video games that can help you improve.

Most poker games don't have the nicest graphics and are quite old, but they will help you get a better player..
Many games on the list don’t have the latest fancy graphics, but they do have a good teaching aspect, so your poker game will get better if you are not yet a seasoned poker player.

Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu

Stacked is the best poker video game that you can play, and remains the leader in simulation-based poker games. Its gaming experience is similar to those that you’ll get from FIFA, Madden, and NBA.

Myelin Media released this game in 2006, and it remains relevant to this day. In fact, it’s the first recommendation that we always make when someone is looking for a video game that he can play to improve his poker skills.

The Gameplay of Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu

The gameplay revolves around playing with poker masters, or what many people consider as some of the best poker players at that time—Jennifer Harman, Erick Lindgren, Carlos Mortensen, Evelyn Ng, and David Williams. When the game was released, Daniel Negreanu just received several Player of the Year awards.

Stacked makes it easy for anyone to improve. It starts with teaching the basics of poker and then moves up the ladder to play with the best poker players. It’s the perfect game for hardcore gamers but doesn’t ignore the fact that many of its users will need a bit of training to be capable players.

What Makes Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu Great?

One of the reasons why Stacked remains relevant, 14 years after it was released, is because it’s the only poker video game that runs using Poki Poker Texas Hold’em AI. It’s a program created by the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, which understands how a player plays and adjusts its skills accordingly.

Unlike most games with a predetermined number of actions that get predictable over time, Stacked gets better as you get better at the game. Before you know it, you’re better at poker than most of your friends. Poki AI is, perhaps, the sole reason why we can confidently recommend it to anyone who wants to play video games to improve.

Stacked with Daniel Negreanu (Xbox) – Online Multiplayer 2020

What We Didn’t Like About Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu

There are two things that we think could’ve made Stacked the best poker video game of all time: character customization and the actual gameplay that only revolves around grinding. It’s easy to let the customization options pass, but grinding is something that not many players may understand when starting.

It goes through everything that a player will encounter when starting his poker career, and an amateur may find it a bit overwhelming at first. However, if you’re already a hardcore poker player who wants to get better, it’s definitely one of the best video games available for you.

Stacked may have been released years ago, but it doesn’t mean that the gameplay is outdated. With the unique experience that you can get from it and the lessons that you’ll learn from playing this game, we’re sure that it’s one of the best resources that you can use to become a better player. Check it out and see everything it can do to improve your poker skills and strategies.

Full House Poker

Full House Poker is one of the best poker video games that you can play, but we didn’t put it as high as it should because it was developed by Microsoft Game Studios, exclusively for Xbox.

In 2011, this game was the only online game that allowed players to trade chips with other poker players. It’s also the first to have tournaments with real players in a simulation game, making it an even more exciting game choice for many players. It’s a fast-paced game that is perfect for casual players who want to improve their skills and strategies.

The Gameplay of Full House Poker

Similar to other online poker games, Full House Poker lets you play with other players. However, what makes it more interesting is that it allows you to interact with other players. Also, it’s not focused on improving the skills of players who want to learn how to grind to the top. Instead, it provides players with an option to start a simple home game.

The tournament is also an excellent addition to the game. It allows players to participate in small events with a maximum of 30 participants. The players’ rankings depend on how well they perform, allowing you to determine how you stack up against other poker players.

Similar to online games today, Full House Poker has the potential to improve your game. However, since there’s no money involved, and the games are loose and fast, it’s never serious and solely for fun.

What Makes Full House Poker Great?

Instead of creating a game that works around an AI, Full House Poker relies on the community of players that it creates. It replicates an actual cardroom, including how people play the game—either with trusted friends or strangers. It’s a video game with the closest representation of what really happens when you’re playing poker.

Full House Poker is one of the few games that captured the fun factor that poker games can bring to the table. The games can be intense, but winning pots and getting the most out of poker games will always be for those who don’t take the games seriously.

Let’s Play Full House Poker (Ranked Match)

What We Didn’t Like About Full House Poker

Graphics could’ve been better, given that it was released years before Stacked. However, we can’t say that it’s detrimental to the game because the idea of Full House Poker is to make sure that you’re having fun, and players aren’t taking it seriously.

Another reason for a lower rank on this game is its lack of support for new players. Unlike Stacked that can teach a beginner how to play better, the tutorials for Full House Poker aren’t as practical and useful for many players.

Full House Poker is an excellent game with most of the things you’d want in a poker video game. It can help you improve your skills and strategies by playing with thousands of other players. If you’re looking for a video game that can be fun and helpful to help you improve your skills, then it’s definitely one of the best options that you have.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is one of the newcomers in poker video games and has gained a lot of traction due to the massive pool of players. It was not as impressive when it was first released, but after some updates between its release in 2016 to 2019, things changed.

Today, Prominence Poker is one of the best video games that you can play because it has everything that a player might be expecting from a poker game. It comes with an AI that adjusts to a player’s skill level, and all levels of the game are available to its users. We can now consider it as the best poker RPG and online competition game with everything it brings to the table.

The Gameplay of Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker failed to gain traction at first because it only revolves around RPG and a single-player AI to help players improve their skills. It wasn’t as successful as it should because the AI isn’t as good as Stacked in adjusting to a player’s ability.

In 2019, they released an online competition platform that allows you to play against other players while retaining the single-player levels and AI. The gameplay is similar to what professional players do to get better in the game—work and study hard, then use everything that you’ve learned to crush your opponents at the table.

What Makes Prominence Poker Great?

One massive advantage that Prominence Poker has over other poker video games is it’s the newcomer in the industry. In a time where poker video games aren’t easy to find, having compatibility with more modern consoles is a huge advantage.

Another factor that affects our impression of this game is its ability to keep the players entertained. Many video poker games only have one gameplay, either RPG or play against other players. We all know how boring it can get, but Prominence Poker successfully fused two game formats to make it more interesting for their users.

Let’s Play: Prominence Poker

What We Didn’t Like About Prominence Poker

The AI feature is a nice touch to help new players improve their skills. However, it’s easy to outgrow the AI, and it won’t take long for anyone to easily beat the game. It’s great for players who are only starting to learn the game, but it has minimal room for growth when it comes to adapting to the player’s skill and strategies.

Another thing that we didn’t like about Prominence Poker is that it takes a considerable amount of computer resources for the graphics that it has. The game works for PS4, Xbox Live, and Windows, all great modern gaming platforms. However, there’s a lot of room for improvement with its graphics, considering that it has a relatively high system requirement for a PC to run smoothly.

If you’re looking for a poker video game that keeps you on your seat, playing for hours, Prominence Poker is the perfect game for you. It has a free-to-play option that makes it even easier for anyone to try the game and see what it can do to help them improve their skills and strategies.

World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets

World Series of Poker 2008 was one of the best video poker games during its time. In fact, many people saw it as one of the most successful franchise video games ever made. After two previous versions that failed to gain traction, WSOP incorporated what makes their live tournament interesting into the game.

They released this game in 2007, but it’s the most successful WSOP poker video game. Instead of focusing on too many things simultaneously, they focused on replicating the experience of playing at a WSOP tournament. Players can choose from 20 different events, all of which require different levels of poker skill.

The Gameplay of World Series of Poker 2008

The gameplay for World Series of Poker 2008 is pretty straightforward; it only takes you into a joyride of the most popular tournaments that they host during WSOP events. It’s one of the best games that can help you improve as a player, and it gets harder as you get better with the game.

World Series of Poker 2008 is a single-player simulation game that aims to replicate players’ experiences from playing FIFA, Madden, and NBA. In our opinion, it does really well in allowing you to experience what professionals experience when they participate in WSOP tournaments.

What Makes the 2008 World Series of Poker 2008 Great?

One reason why we chose World Series of Poker 2008 as one of the best poker video games is because of its smooth action that allows a player to continuously improve their skill set without giving them too much pressure. Many games make it too hard for beginners to win, forcing them to leave an “unbeatable game.”

Even though the game only runs with a predetermined set of actions, it’s still sophisticated enough for many players. It ensures that users learn the basics while solidifying the strategies they use in the game.

Another reason why the World Series of Poker 2008 is a great game is that it has the support of some of the biggest names in poker. Prominent casinos and Harrah’s entertainment backed the game’s development. It even has the voiceover of 20 professional players to make the game as realistic as possible.

YouTube: Gameplay of World Series of Poker 2008 game

What We Didn’t Like About World Series of Poker 2008

The storyline is the only reason why we didn’t have this game higher on this list. Despite the sophistication of the game and decent programming that can help you learn poker, it still gets dull and boring. There are many times, during the time that we were playing this game, that we find ourselves looking for other titles because the storyline repeats over and over with the same players and capabilities.

Another thing that could’ve made this game better is the reduction of sponsors for the game. It’s good that the World Series of Poker 2008 has the backing of poker’s biggest companies. However, every time we play the game, it feels like we’re in a massive advertisement, filled with sponsor names and logos.

World Series of Poker 2008 is an excellent game, and it’s the most realistic experience that a player can get while playing a poker video game in 2007. It’s a great title for anyone who wants to play better, and it’s still relevant today as you can still access it through different consoles.

Poker Night at the Inventory

Poker Night at the Inventory is a game that is more fun than any other on this list. Instead of being too serious about the game, it focuses on C-list celebrities to make the game enjoyable. If you’re a casual player who just wants to have a bit of fun at the end of a day’s work, this poker video game is your best option.

Instead of aiming for simulation games’ seriousness, like all five games on this list, Poker Night at the Inventory takes a different approach. It relies on comedic and well-known internet celebrities to make the game interesting for anyone, but it still doesn’t fail to improve a player’s skills.

The Gameplay of Poker Night at the Inventory

The gameplay is pretty straightforward; you only have four players to choose from, and all four of them play a Hold’em game to be the best player at the Inventory—a fictional underground poker cardroom established in 1919.

That’s everything you can expect from this poker video game, but each character’s skill adapts to how you play games. So, instead of focusing on grinding and improving your skills to win a tournament, Poker Night at the Inventory focuses on developing your skills by playing against characters that get better as you learn the game.

Let’s Play Poker Night at the Inventory

What Makes Poker Night at the Inventory Great?

There’s only one reason why Poker Night at the Inventory is a great poker video game: simplicity. It doesn’t bombard you with multiple game options that can be overwhelming for some players. As soon as you turn on the game, you only have one option, play with three other characters that adapt to your skills.

You don’t have anything to think about other than how you can beat the other players. You all start with $10,000, and whoever collects all the chips wins the game. It’s a simple approach to playing poker, but we believe that it’s one of the secrets in its successful run.

What We Didn’t Like About Poker Night at the Inventory

Poker Night at the Inventory has one of the most exciting approaches to poker video games, and it also had a successful sequel. However, players of the game never received an update for years, and it was discontinued last year due to expiring licenses. The only way for you to play this game is through Steam, which still gets a lot of support from many enthusiasts.

It’ll be easy for us to put it higher on this list if it’s available on more platforms. However, you can only access it on your PC right now, and despite the exciting gameplay that it offers, there’ll be no more updates for this game.

If you’re looking for a poker video game that provides you with quick games that don’t try to be too many things, Poker Night at the Inventory is an excellent option for you. The light and comedic approach to poker are some of the pillars for its success. This video game is also one of the best games that anyone can play to improve their game.

World Championship Poker 2: Featuring Howard Lederer

Video games aren’t new to name partnerships, but World Championship Poker 2 has a fascinating choice. Howard Lederer is a professional poker player, chess master, and one of the pillars of poker. When they released this game in 2005, many considered Lederer one of the most popular poker players. He’s also an author of several poker books that helped thousands of players improve their skills.

World Championship Poker 2 is a classic poker game that you can play on your PC, Xbox, PSP, or PS2—if you still have one. Before we start talking about how great this game is, let us make a bit of a disclaimer: the graphics of this game may not be up to the standards of what you’re used to seeing with other video games. Game development has improved a lot over the years, but it remained relevant and useful for many poker players today.

The Gameplay of World Championship Poker 2

World Championship Poker 2 allows you to play 14 different game formats. It has an RPG setting that will enable you to customize your character and upgrade skills to make games easier for you. Of course, like most video games, the skills that you unlock doesn’t really mean that you’re getting better in poker, but that’s what makes this game interesting.

Aside from the different game formats, World Championship Poker 2 is also the first game ever to have a feature that allows you to play with other players online. Of course, this feature is no longer as impressive as it once was, but the AI that you’ll play with adapts to your gameplay, making it easy for you to improve your skills.

The game’s goal is simple: play enough games to upgrade your skills and aim to be the best player in the world by beating every game format. It’s easier said than done, though, because the AI’s capability in World Championship Poker 2 is quite decent that most new poker players will have a hard time beating.

World Championship Poker 2 Featuring Howard Lederer – Gameplay PS2

What Makes World Championship Poker 2 Great?

What makes World Championship Poker 2 an even better option for many players is that it has the most extensive adaptation for most game consoles. Many poker video games only work with old consoles, but this game still runs on your PC, making it one of the most accessible video games for many poker enthusiasts.

Another advantage that you can get from playing this game is that it won’t require you to invest a lot with the device that you’re using. In fact, even the weakest laptop that you can get is still more than capable of running this video game.

What We Didn’t Like About World Championship Poker 2

Playing online poker with other players was one of the best features of World Championship Poker 2, but it’s also one of the reasons why we can’t recommend it as much as we want. Although it lets you play with other players online, it’s no longer active today. So you can only use it for its single-player feature to help you improve your game.

The AI is also decent for new players, but it’s easy to outgrow the game as you learn the fundamentals. In fact, it only took us a few days to figure out everything that the AI will do and even manipulate it to help us extract value and win the game.

World Championship Poker 2 is an excellent game for most beginners. It’s useful in learning the basics of the game and becoming a better player. It’s easy to outgrow the game, but once you do, there’s a considerable chance that you’re already better at poker than most of your friends.


Many poker video games are already outdated, but some are so good that it remains useful for new players to improve their skills. With how people play poker these days, video games offer a more exciting approach to practicing and developing better strategies.

Another reason for the decline in players’ interest in poker video games is the lack of support for modern platforms. Here are our top 6 recommendations for video games that you can still play today to improve:

  1. Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu
  2. Full House Poker
  3. Prominence Poker
  4. World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets
  5. Poker Night at the Inventory
  6. World Championship Poker 2: Featuring Howard Lederer

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