12 Best Poker Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

With the popularity of poker, hundreds of poker apps that you can use to play or learn poker became available. However, poker apps aren’t equal, and some stand out when it comes to providing a great gaming and learning experience. But of all the poker apps available, which are the ones that are worth downloading?

Best Poker Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023 are GGPoker for real money games, Appeak Poker for casual games, and SnapShove for training. These three apps are what we consider the best in all categories. Regardless of your skill level, these can help you play poker games or learn on the go.

The terms for Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store when accepting apps are quite loose, leading to hundreds of downloadable poker apps. But we’ll cover the best in this article, and divide them into categories that we think will be useful for every player. Stick around to find the best apps that you can use to play or learn poker.

best android and iphonepoker apps
There are many different poker apps for portable devices. It can be tricky to choose the right one for you. That is why I have picked the ones for 3 different categories (real money, play money, and training/strategy).

Best Poker Apps for Training

There are several ways for a player to get better at poker, but the most accessible, and possibly the cheapest option is to get them from a poker app. Most of these poker training apps are for free with optional premium subscriptions, so you can expect it to come with in-app ads. Nonetheless, they still do well for almost every poker player who wants to improve their skills.

#4 – PokerGO: Stream Poker TV

If you’re a poker enthusiast, one of the best poker apps that you should have on your phone is PokerGo. It’s the Netflix of poker, and it gives you access to almost every televised game worldwide. With the popularity of poker and on-demand streaming service, the only question is why it took so long for companies to develop an app for poker streaming.

We know that we’re putting it on a list of poker apps for Android and iPhone, but one of the benefits of using PokerGo is its availability. Using this app, you can access almost every televised poker game that you want to watch on-demand through Android, iOS, Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and even Roku.

PokerGo is a streaming service for everything poker related.
PokerGo is the most popular poker streaming service.

As a poker player, one of the best resources that you can access are hand histories and having the ability to review how a player plays the situation. That’s what PokerGo offers, making it more than just an app that players use for pastime. 

The only downside in using PokerGo is that it doesn’t have WSOP or EPT episodes, which can be a massive deal-breaker for many players. The content is also not consistent across different platforms, so there’s no continuity with the programs you’re watching on your phone and TV.

PokerGo will always be on the top of the best poker apps for having a unique proposition and service. It doesn’t force itself in the crowded market of free-to-play poker apps, but instead creates something that many players need to help them improve their games.

#3 – ShareMyPair

ShareMyPair flew under the radar of many poker players until Phil Hellmuth shared various tweets that used this app. It was a brilliant yet simple idea that makes hand histories more than just texts and commentaries.

ShareMyPair app’s goal is to simplify how players discuss strategies that they can do in various situations.

The app is available for Android and iOS users, and it’ll allow the user to input hand histories. The app will then convert it into a hand-replayer that people can share via Twitter, Facebook, email, or even text messages. This compatibility with the most prominent online platforms makes it one of the most accessible poker apps that players can use.

One of the pains of sharing hand histories is that it requires a wall of text. It’ll still be quite long, even with shortcuts and slang, just to effectively convey the message. It’s the most significant limitation to collaborating with other players to help you improve your game. With ShareMyPair, it’s easier and simpler to review hands and take note of the actions that could have altered the outcome.

ShareMyPair is a popular hand sharing app.
ShareMyPair is a popular hand sharing app.

In essence, it’s a training app that can help many players to improve their game. It simplifies hand replays and allows the sharer to get more input and advice on how he can play a particular hand better. It’s a highly underrated poker app that should be in every poker player’s phone, especially if they’re looking for effective ways to help them play better.

#2 – SnapShove

SnapShove isn’t your ordinary poker app; it’s a tool that can help players become short stack experts. It’s a simple calculator that will show you the best move in every game that you play, allowing you to improve your shove/fold ranges over time.

One of the challenges with poker calculators is the interface. Most of them feel cluttered and provide too much information that players may not even use when making their decisions. SnapShove makes it easier to use with its uncluttered interface that only provides the users with essential information to make better decisions.

SnapShove comes in free and paid subscription that caters to different levels of poker activity. The free version allows you to use the shoving calculator for 9-handed and 6-handed games. It also comes with some training that can help you play hands better. 

SnapShove is great to practice shove/fold scenarios on your mobile phone.
Become a short stack expert with the SnapShove mobile app.

SnapShove Pro costs $14.99, but it gives you the ability to use the calculator for any number of players. SnapShove Pro also provides its users untethered access to every training that they have for poker players.

If you’re actively participating in cash games or you want to be more profitable with your online games, SnapShove Pro can pay for itself quickly with everything that it brings to the table. With the long-term value of becoming a better poker player, it’s definitely one of the best poker apps that players should always have.

#1 – PokerCruncher

Unlike all apps on this list, PokerCruncher is a paid app that costs $12.99 to install. However, it’s one of the best and most up-to-date poker calculator apps that you can have on your phone. The advanced settings that this calculator offers make it easy for poker players to improve their chances at any game and make them more profitable in the long run.

PokerCruncher is available for Android and iOS users, and the interface you’re getting from both platforms is identical. It’s not a subscription service, but you can’t transfer your purchase between the two. So if you’ve paid for the Android app, you’ll have to spend another if you want to switch to iOS.

PokerCruncher mobile app elevates your game to another level.
Poker cruncher is a paid app. If you want to improve your game, then the app will pay for itself in no time.

This app is the most comprehensive poker tool that you can get for your phone. It’s so useful that even poker coaches and vloggers use it as their go-to tool for calculating their odds to win the game or whether they should play the table or not.

There aren’t that many paid poker apps that you can install on your phone, but if you’re planning to have one, PokerCruncher should be on top of your list. The one-time fee that it asks for installation will pay for itself as you continue to use the calculator to help you improve your odds. Saving you from one potentially devastating hand can even pay for the app itself!

Best Poker App for Casual Games

Despite the popularity of cash games, many enthusiasts still consider themselves casual players who are only looking for quick games with their friends. It’s one reason why the Play Store and App Store have tons of free poker apps that players can download to start playing poker.

However, with vastly overwhelming choices that players have for this category, many enthusiasts often rely on the platform’s search engine to find the best casual poker apps. It doesn’t always provide you with the best apps that you can use because most of them are already outdated and may not have as many players as you think.

To save you from the trouble of testing each app, here are the free poker apps that we think are the best for casual players:

#4 – Appeak Poker

Appeak Poker has more than a million downloads in Google Play Store, making it one of the most downloaded poker apps. Although it played a role in being on this list, what makes it better than most poker games is the simplicity of its interface.

Appeak Poker is on this list because it allows even new players to learn the game and quickly improve their strategies. It doesn’t rely on ads to make money, but there are some ads for free players. If you want to have a cleaner gaming experience, you can also purchase in-game upgrades to get rid of their advertisements.

You can also pay for additional chips that will allow you to participate in high-stakes tables, but it doesn’t force you to pay for the service. In fact, casual players will still find it entertaining even without paying for anything in the game. You can host your table or join another player in a few taps of your screen, allowing you to immediately play against other players.

In addition to quick games, you can also choose to play SNGs, Bingo Bango, Double-Ups, MTTs, and even a Duel that allows you to play a heads up match against another player. What makes Appeak Poker an excellent poker app is that it focuses on providing you with the best poker gaming experience; there are no clutters or clunky interfaces that you have to deal with, it’s just poker games.

#3 – World Series of Poker

Every poker player has heard of WSOP, and it’s evident with the number of downloads that it received—50 million in Google Play Store. It is one of the most popular apps that you can download, and EA is the game developer. So you can expect that this app will provide you with a massive pool of players, together with the best mobile gaming experience.

World Series of Poker is free to play and has in app purchases.
World Series of Poker is great app that was developed by well known EA.

World Series of Poker is a free-to-play app that provides you with enough chips to start your poker games right away. It includes in-app purchases for Android and iOS devices, but what makes it better than most poker apps is that it shares its players across different platforms. So you’ll have access to one of the biggest online games for poker players.

What separates World Series of Poker from other poker apps, even the ones that we have on this list, is that it has the biggest selection of game formats. If you’re bored with the usual Holdem games, this app allows you to switch to Pot-Limit Omaha. This feature, alone, makes it one of the best poker apps because it will enable the user to practice between different game formats without downloading another software.

Regardless of how active you are in playing poker, the World Series of Poker is one of the poker apps that can provide you with the best gaming experience. It doesn’t rely on ads to make money, and it has one of the best interfaces that we’ve seen, making it one of our top recommended apps for poker enthusiasts.

WSOP app mobile gameplay.

#2 – Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker was there right in the middle of the poker boom. It was one of the most popular games and was originally only for Facebook games. However, they did a significant update with the app, bringing it to Android and iOS devices. This move brought the game into the big leagues and made it one of the most popular apps for poker enthusiasts.

Zynga poker  has fast fold tables.
Zynga Poker app came a long way. First it was only available on Facebook, but now you can get it on Android and iOS devices. Everyone loves their Jump Poker (fast fold) tables.

The best feature for Zynga Poker is their Jump Poker—a fast-fold poker variant that is perfect for players who hate waiting for the next round after they fold their hand. With Jump Poker, players get to play in a new game right after folding their hands, making it even easier and faster to play more games. This feature is so useful that we find regular games a bit boring and slow-paced after playing Jump Poker for a few days.

After switching their focus on developing mobile apps, many people consider Zynga Poker as one of the most cluttered poker apps. However, after several updates and after trimming the app to bare essentials, it quickly became one of the most downloaded. In fact, it’ll be hard to find a poker app that is busier than Zynga!

If you’re looking for quick games that will allow you to see how well you stack up against other poker players, Zynga Poker is an app that you should have on your phone. The fast-paced games that it offers and its lightweight interface make it a must-have for anyone who wants to have access to quick poker games.

Mobile gameplay on Zynga Poker.

#1 – World Poker Club

Many people might wonder why we have the World Poker Club as our top choice for casual games’ best poker apps. With only 10 million downloads, it’s relatively small in comparison to Zynga and WSOP. However, we think it’s the most innovative poker app today, which is also responsible for its rapid growth.

World Poker Club is the only poker app available for Android and iOS devices that uses an innovative gesture control system.

It means that you can check, bet, or fold your hand using gestures instead of the usual buttons that take up space on a limited screen that mobile phones have. Double-tapping the screen checks or calls, swiping up folds the hand, and holding on the screen brings out the raise slider.

It has the cleanest interface that we’ve seen in a poker app, and you have the option to remove the ads with in-app purchases. You’ll have to spend some money to get the most out of this poker app, but it beats the rest of the apps that we have on this list in terms of gaming experience.

The reason why we have this app on top of the list is quite simple, and more prominent apps can easily incorporate it with OTA updates. However, it’ll remain one of our most recommended apps for anyone who wants to have the best poker gaming experience on their phones. With a growing number of users, you definitely should have this app installed soon!

Best Poker App for Real Money

Playing real-money poker on a mobile phone isn’t new, but many players are more comfortable using desktop game clients. That’s why only a handful of companies pushed for developing mobile apps for real-money poker games. However, as poker continues its reign as the most popular card game, playing real-money poker on your phone becomes more straightforward and accessible.

Here are some of the safest, and most popular poker apps that you can use to play real-money poker:

#4 – Partypoker App

Partypoker is one of the biggest poker companies globally, and they are the first to develop their standalone app for Android and iOS devices. However, due to a lack of traction and support for mobile poker games, Partypoker has been releasing incremental updates only for bug fixes and small updates.

In today’s standards, the Partypoker App is less developed than its competitors, but it doesn’t make it less ideal for players. In fact, they have some of the best sign up bonuses for players, and anyone can take advantage of it right after the registration process. The loyalty and rewards program that they have also made it more appealing for a lot of enthusiasts.

One of the main reasons it remained relevant despite slower update releases is that they have one of the biggest pools of poker players worldwide. With millions of customers, it’s easy for them to distribute players to their apps to make it busy. In fact, starting or joining an SNG game within Partypoker will only take seconds, and you can already start playing with real money.

Security is also not an issue because every activity on the site is encrypted. Withdrawals and deposits to your account are also quick and easy as they incorporate more payment options in their platform. Overall, Partypoker is one of the best apps that you can install if you’re looking for quick cash games without compromises in your security.

#3 – PokerStars Poker App

PokerStars is one of the few poker companies that stood up to challenges and remained strong. It’s also one of the biggest companies today that facilitates the highest traffic for real-money players worldwide. So you can expect that it can provide you with access to their vast pool of poker players and robust security within their platform.

PokerStars real money mobile app is perfect to earn some quick money in poker.
PokerStars app is very user friendly and has a clean design.

PokerStars Poker app offers a wide range of game formats available to all players. You can choose from PLO, Badugi, 8-Game, or Hold’em. It has the most advanced features in mobile apps and supports multi-table plays for players who want to play several games simultaneously.

It even comes with a built-in hand reviewer that allows you to study previous games to help you play better in various spots.

PokerStars is also known for having in-house developers that focus on ensuring that all of their players are safe from fraud. They even have a dedicated department for handling deposits and withdrawal requests. With PokerStars, you can deposit to your account immediately, and they’ll process withdrawals within 24 hours.

It’s easy to look for a poker app that will allow you to start quick games, but having the same security as PokerStars have, will be quite challenging. As more players switch to playing cash games on their phone, you can expect that PokerStars will remain one of the best apps with a solid foundation in offering the best services for poker players.

Playing a Spin & Go on PokerStars mobile app.

#2 – 888Poker App

It’ll be hard to find an online poker player who hasn’t heard of 888Poker. Regardless of the platform, 888Poker can provide seamless integration across several devices. Aside from that, it’s also the place where intermediate players can make money due to its relatively low level of competition.

The reason why you won’t find professionals in SNG games is that 888Poker has tournaments for professionals 24/7. Since they can make more money winning these games, it’s easier for intermediate players to cash in on other tables. It’ll be hard to find another poker app that gives everyone a fair chance at winning the tables.

Security is also a top concern for 888Poker, so they make it a point to follow the protocols of eCOGRA. It’s a regulatory watchdog that certifies real-money poker apps and ensures that they are safe for players. As long as they have this certification, you can be sure that it will remain one of the most secure platforms to play with real money.

Whenever you experience problems while using 888Poker, you can reach them through their 24/7 support system. You don’t have to wait for days because they can address your concerns immediately. With support for 11 languages over the phone, live chat, and email, 888Poker is an app that takes the top of the list. It’s a poker app that anyone should have if they want to start building their poker bankroll.

You can get to the 888Poker page here.

#1 – GGPoker Mobile App

GGPoker is a newcomer in the poker industry, but it’s the most aggressive in developing its platform for players.

In fact, of the biggest poker companies today, GGPoker has the best mobile app that allows smooth gameplay and quick matches. It’s one reason why many professionals say that it will soon take over the biggest poker sites that players use today.

GGPoker's mobile app is what every other app should strive to become.
Many players agree that GGPoker is doing everything right to become the biggest player in the poker industry in the near future. It is no surprise that GGPoker is the fastest growing poker network.

PokerCraft is also another built-in feature in GGPoker that will help you improve your game. It’s a poker stats and hand analysis tool that will allow you to study previous games and figure out how you can play it better. You can even play up to 4 games simultaneously without taking a lot of resources on your device. It’s a feature that many poker apps for real-money games fail to develop over the years.

Besides having the best poker app for mobile devices, it also gives you a chance to play against Daniel Negreanu, Bryn Kenney, ElkY, and Felipe Ramos! That’s a massive advantage that GGPoker has over its competitors. It shows you how well your poker skills stack up against some of the world’s best poker players.

Playing poker with real money will always be challenging because it requires constant updates and monitoring from the developers. It’s something that GGPoker has continuously worked on, making them one of the best poker apps for players around the world.


Finding the best poker apps that you should have on your phone can be a daunting task. With thousands of choices for Android and iOS, it’ll take weeks for anyone to find the best for them. We did the work for you and distilled it down to the essential apps that are perfect for every poker player. Here are 12 of the best apps that you can install today:

Best Apps for Training

  1. PokerCruncher
  2. SnapShove
  3. ShareMyPair
  4. PokerGO: Stream Poker TV

Best Apps for Free Games

  1. World Poker Club
  2. Zynga Poker
  3. World Series of Poker
  4. Appeak Poker

Best Apps for Money Games

  1. GGPoker Mobile App
  2. 888Poker App
  3. PokerStars Poker App
  4. Partypoker App

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