7 Best Poker Discord Channels in 2023

Discord has been a popular app for many poker players because it’s easy to invite people into different rooms. There are even some channels that will allow you to play games with friends. But with literally hundreds of Discord channels for poker, which ones can be useful for you?

PokerStars has the biggest Discord channel for poker players. It has over 34,000 members that can help you play better. Poker Now and Run It Once also have huge channels. However, if you’re looking for more focused groups, with only a handful of members, you can join The Poker Hive and The Sandlot.

One thing we’ve learned after joining these Discord channels is that member count doesn’t really make a channel better. We’ll discuss all of these channels to help you find one that suits your needs. Whether it’s for poker news, strategies, or just to look for quick games, we have all of them covered.

Largest Poker Discord Channel: PokerStars

Pokerstars poker discord channel.
PokerStars has the biggest discord channel.

Even after the “Black Friday” incident, PokerStars remains one of the most popular platforms globally. It’s evident with the number of members that they have in their Discord channel. They have more than 34,000 members, which is almost twice the size of other websites we have on this list combined!

If you join this channel, you’ll have access to different strategies, news, and even quick games. Whether you’re new or seasoned, you’ll find someone who can help you be a better poker player.

The only drawback you’ll experience with Discord channels of this size is that it’ll be quite challenging to keep up with the conversations.

Whether you’re looking for answers to a query, or answering another person’s concerns, you’re sure to get great results with PokerStars’ Discord channel. They have the biggest community of poker players, but not all are English-speaking players. So it’s another reason why you may want to consider another channel. 

Discord Channel for Quick Games: Poker Now

Poker Now is a casual poker platform that allows you to create your games or play with other players using Discord’s server. They have the second-largest community of poker players on Discord, but most of them are only looking for quick games. They have over 20,000 members in the channel, so you’re sure to find someone hosting an SNG tournament.

Although they have a large community of poker players, most of them barely say anything inside the chatrooms.

Before you can create or join tables in Poker Now, you have to join their Discord channel.

So, almost everyone in that community was only looking for quick games, and not to socialize with other players.

Poker Now discord channel.
The majority of Poker Now members on discord are looking to start their own quick games. A great option if you want to play with your friends online.

However, if you spend quite some time with Poker Now’s channel, you’ll find a handful of players sharing tips and strategies to improve other players’ games. It’s not as active as PokerStars’ channel, but interacting with a few hundred players in real-time can’t be that bad. 

Discord Community With Coaches: Run It Once

Run It Once is one of the best poker training sites for 2023. If you’re looking for a Discord channel that focuses on helping you become a better poker player, it’s the one that you want to join. It only has around 4,000 members, which isn’t that much, but all of them are looking for ways to become better in poker.

It’s an excellent Discord channel because it has the right mix of new and seasoned players. So you’re getting great advice from people who are crushing the tables. You’ll also get to learn from the questions of other less experienced players. 4,000 is quite a lot for a Discord channel, but it’s focused on teaching, so there’s minimal noise within the channel.

If you want to be on the same channel as dozens of coaches and hundreds of professional players, Run It Once is the perfect poker channel for you. Sure, there are some shoutouts for their membership site, but it’s one of the best free resources that you can get for poker.

Run It Once poker discord channel.
Run It Once’s discord channel has many poker pros, who are willing to give you a free tip on how to become better at poker. Moreover they might even give you a helpful comment on how you played your hand.

Gambling Advantages and Socializing Channel

Gambling Advantages and Socializing (GAS) only has about 500 members playing a wide range of card games. You can choose from baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. All of them will talk about the strategies you can use to make gambling more profitable or enjoyable. The number of members they have is quite advantageous if you’re trying to build your network with other players.

Can you imagine yourself talking to thousands of people at the same time while in PokerStars? That’s how big that channel is, and is the reason why, sometimes, going for the smaller channels is a better choice. With only a few hundred members, you’ll have quality conversations with other players, and their advice is often better than the ones that you’ll get from high traffic Discord channels.

Multi-Game Discord Channel: Game Land

Most of us probably play other card games or board games; blackjack, baccarat, chess, and checkers. If you’re going to look for a Discord channel for all the games that you’re playing, your app can get too crowded quickly.

Game Land is a Discord channel that covers multiple games with 65 members who are into multi-game strategies. If you’re into other games, this channel is one of the best that you can join. They don’t have a lot of members, but most of them know their stuff, and there are even some professional poker players inside to help you strategize and play better.

Be a Better Player With Focused Group: The Sandlot

Close to 60 players in one channel—it’s not a lot, but if you look at the discussions they have inside this channel, it’s a goldmine for poker players. If you’re trying to become a better player, it would be best to hang around players who know their stuff and are willing to help you play better.

You don’t really need thousands of members inside one channel for it to be the best. Sometimes, the bigger the channel gets, the noisier it becomes, making it harder for you to use it as a resource for your strategies. That’s what The Sandlot is trying to achieve, and after weeks of spectating, I can tell you that they have one of the best poker communities today.

Poker-Only Discord Channel: The Poker Hive

When it comes to the strict rules in a channel, The Poker Hive tops the list. You can get banned from the channel just by talking about other games. For the members of this channel, poker is the only game that matters, and if you have the same mindset, you’ll find it one of the best channels for you.

They don’t have a lot of members, but they have some of the most valuable strategies that you can use for your poker games. They will even help you find stuff that you need for your games and training sites that will help you play better. It’s one of the channels that prove member count isn’t what matters; it’s in the value of the discussion that you’re having with the group.


If you want to play better poker games or build your network with other players, joining a Discord channel is one of the most accessible options you have. You don’t have to pay for anything, and you’ll be in the same community as other enthusiasts of the game.

The only thing that you have to consider when looking for a poker Discord channel is its purpose. For example, PokerStars and GAS are great for socializing with other players. Poker Now is for those who are looking for quick games. If you’re looking for channels that can help you be a better player, you must join Run It Once, The Sandlot, and The Poker Hive.

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