Best Poker Vloggers in 2023

A few poker pros today use their passion to turn out some pretty creative and engaging content. Poker vlogging is a niche that’s been around for a few years, with the 2019 Global Poker Awards keeping a prize for ‘Vlogger of the Year.’ 

The six best poker vloggers include: 

  1. Brad Owen 
  2. Joe Ingram 
  3. Kristy Arnett 
  4. Tim Watts 
  5. Ryan DePaulo 
  6. Andrew Neeme 

In this article, we’ll look at each of these vloggers and why you should tune in to their channel.

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1. Brad Owen

Brad Owen reels his audience in with some of the most click-bait titles you’ll find online and then delivers! His titles include “Poker Superstar Is All In Against Me! I’m Never Folding!”, and “Famous Poker Player Gets Absolutely Punished in All In Against Me.” 

Video: I’m On Absolutely INSANE HEATER!! It’s The BEST GAME IN TOWN!! Poker Vlog Ep 177

However, his outrageous titles are accompanied by a polite, straightforward explanation of his plays throughout the video. Brad uses a repertoire of poker terminology that gives his videos a professional touch. 

Brad plays Hold’Em and Omaha, and many of his vlogs document mixed games where he made it big or managed to pull off a few great plays. 

He’s also based in Las Vegas, and often takes his viewers to some of the city’s biggest and most popular casinos. He documents his strategies in action and gives helpful commentary on each experience, so fans can easily learn tips from his content. 

As an up-and-coming poker player who frequently plays at the smaller stakes, Brad even offers special poker training courses on his YouTube channel, including one where explains his preflop routine. 

With over 400,000 subscribers, it’s easy to see how Brad maintains his title as one of the best poker vloggers to date. 

You can check out his channel here.

2. Joe Ingram

Better known as Chicago Joey, Joe Ingram can be regarded as a poker podcaster instead of a vlogger. 

Video: Phil Ivey Conversation | Poker Life Podcast

Rather than document his games, Joe streams live games and provides helpful and informative commentary on what’s going on. 

His approach to vlogging revolves around helping aspiring poker players improve their skills. Instead of laying out how to play better, Joe initiates thought-provoking poker conversations with his guests so viewers can contemplate their own game. 

His podcasts often host famous players from the high-stakes world, and the general banter that follows is loaded with wisdom that every player needs to take their game to the next level. 

Joe focuses exclusively on live and online games and is a high-stakes Pot Limit Omaha player himself. Here’s a link to his YouTube channel. 

3. Kristy Arnett

Video: Crazy Action on Ladies Night Stream – Mamacita Poker Crushes and I get Smoked!

Kristy’s vlog is more personal than most of the other vlogs out there, and she routinely describes the highs and lows in her career as a poker player. 

If you want inspirational content, look no further than Kristy Arnett’s vlog. With videos like “WSOP Vlog #1 – It All Starts With a Dream”, you’re sure to feel fired up to focus more on your poker career. 

The best part is many of Kristy’s videos are recorded on her iPhone, with Kristy being completely herself throughout. Her quirky, energetic character coupled with raw passion makes this vlog an entertaining and informal take on what it means to be a professional poker player. 

You can find her vlogs here on YouTube. 

4. Tim Watts

Under the alias TheTrooper97Vlog, Tim Watt brings years of experience and a unique take on poker to all his videos. He is one of the original poker vloggers and has consistently documented his life and journey as a poker player in Las Vegas. 

Video: Dealer Error CAUGHT ON VIDEO–PPC Aruba

Many of Tim’s videos start with him in an unexpected location, like a kitchen, a deserted parking lot, or in the shower. He loves coffee, and every video features him sipping on a cup of his favorite brew, talking about why he loves it so much. 

His vlogs are enjoyable and full of poker nuggets you won’t find elsewhere on the web.

And unlike most vloggers who shoot footage and then provide commentary over the video, Tim speaks to his audience while he’s playing! 

The result? A hilarious yet insightful take on the world of poker and its intricacies. You can subscribe to the trooper’s channel here

5. Ryan DePaulo

Ryan DePaulo regards himself as a degenerate gambler and loves to share his erratic adventures with his audience. 

Video: I Played High Stakes Poker everyday for 31 straight days… (Part 3)

His vlog brings with it Ryan’s delightful style of communication, with the occasional stammer and a lack of etiquette when speaking to his audience or the other poker players he bumps into. 

However, for all his silliness, Ryan is an outstanding poker player with a WSOP bracelet to prove it. His vlog is fun, exciting, and gives you a taste of what goes on at the high-stakes tables. 

Find Ryan’s channel here on YouTube. 

6. Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme is a poker pro best known for popularizing meetup games in poker rooms across the world. He has been steadily working on spaces that allow poker pros to meet in real life and play together in the wake of the pandemic. 

Video: Flopping QUADS and Getting Check-Raised!

Andrew always gives a brief description of the casino or poker room he’s playing in, showing them what’s in store for those who decide to take poker seriously. 

Andrew’s vlog is funny because there isn’t one type of hand he frequently documents. It’s almost as if he shares his favorite hands and interactions with his audience, and that’s what makes this vlog so relatable. 

He documents intricate, complicated hands in a casual tone while poking fun at his opponents for making silly plays. 

Unlike most other vlogs who provide insights or tell their audiences how to play better poker, Andrew’s vlog entertains his audience with snippets from his games. 

Andrew shoots his plays and then records himself speaking about said plays while drinking a beer. This form of vlogging gives him more room to work in his unique, blunt character while throwing in a few jokes. 

His style, charisma, and direct communication to his audience make for an exciting and entertaining watch. You’ll find Andrew’s hilarious outtakes here on YouTube.