Is WSOP Online Rigged?

WSOP or Word Series of Poker is the world’s biggest Texas Holdem tournament, with players across the globe participating to win the championship belt. WSOP also has a website that claims to host some of the world’s biggest online poker festivals. And while the site seems pretty legit, many users have reported that the games are rigged.

WSOP online is rigged, according to reports by most regular users. While most online poker sites are legit, the frequency and setup of certain hands on the WSOP website will have you question its authenticity.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some evidence that WSOP online is rigged and explore why regular online poker isn’t typically rigged.

Why Online Poker Isn’t Always Rigged     

Many poker players and enthusiasts claim that online poker sites are rigged. Because if not, then how do they end up losing so much money?

If you think about it, sites like Pokerstars or Ignition poker have more to lose from fixing the cards than they do from letting good players win as much as they can. 

In the long run, the house wins the most money. Why would they tarnish their reputation and lose these winnings by setting up the cards? The reason online poker feels rigged can be attributed to two main reasons.

  • Most people lose at poker.
  • Online games are quicker.

Most poker players aren’t professionals and don’t employ techniques like checking for probability or measuring pot value in relation to their hands. As such, most amateur players lose a lot more hands than good players. However, they attribute this loss to luck, and because they’re playing online, it’s easier to blame the system than to review their poker skills.

Additionally, online poker games are much quicker than live games, and there are many more hands happening per hour at an online table. At a live table, most games have roughly nine or ten hands within an hour, and the variance is much lower.

On an online forum, poker variance is much more significant and can give players the impression that the website is rigged. However, if you take a large enough hand sample size over time, the probability of wins and losses will eventually balance out.

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Evidence That WSOP Online Is Rigged

Most WSOP online users are in the game with play money–not real money–so some tend to be reckless with their hands. However, the players here have to pay to get money chips as well, and this profit is reason to believe that the WSOP website would rig their games to make the most of it.

And players in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware can play for real money, and many of them have complained of the cards being set up as well.

Too Much Value in One Hand

Some players have claimed that the site is rigged because most of the cards dealt give three to four players at the table a solid hand to play with. For example, in some games, the river card will provide one player with a straight flush, one with a flush, and one with a full house. While this situation isn’t improbable, the chances of this happening regularly are unlikely.

A flush happens once every 509 hands, a full house usually occurs once every 693 hands, while a straight flush happens once every 72,193 hands! So, if this situation were to arise once every year or even every few months, it would make sense. However, many players have reported that these hands happen regularly, within one hour sometimes.

And strangely, it’s always the same player (most likely a bot) who gets the winning hand! 

Software Glitches

Software glitches are pretty standard on poker platforms, and sometimes you have to deal with the platform being unresponsive. However, if the glitches happen only at particular times, like when you have a strong hand, you might want to question the algorithm.

Additionally, many players on the WSOP website have experienced glitches or buttons getting jammed when they’re about to raise a full house or four of a kind. Somehow the raise button and the call button tend to freeze up, and they cannot bet on the hand and make the most of it.

It would be understandable if the glitches occasionally happened during a random hand. However, these glitches tend to occur when a player has a strong hand and wishes to bet against an opponent.

Variance can be big in poker and that is why it often feels like the online poker site is working against you. Take results of 20 different players over 1000 tournaments. They are all of the same skill levels and they all play the same games. Yet 4 out of 20 will be losing money after 1000 tournaments. While the top one will earn 5x as much as he is expected to win.

All Players Getting Face Cards   

Somehow, most players on this site tend to have cards similar to their opponents’ hands nearly every time they land a winning hand. Now, this would make sense if you landed pocket kings and your opponent got pocket aces, maybe once every one hundred hands. 

But the frequency with which this occurs can be pretty suspicious, especially when you always seem to have the losing hand.

Early Wins, Late Losses

Probably the biggest red flag about WSOP online is that nearly everyone who signs up initially loves the website and seems to be winning a lot especially if they bought a significant amount of chips to start with.

However, after the first month or two, these same players who apparently play ‘winning’ poker start to lose nearly every hand, eventually running out of chips and having to buy new chips to continue playing.

Again, this might make sense for a few whose game quality drops after the first few months. However, if the same ‘misfortune’ afflicts all WSOP online players, you can bet there’s something fishy going on.

online wsop is not rigged
A poker site’s reputation will be gone instantly if it would come out that a site is rigged. Because you get dealt many more hands than in live games it often feels like that the board is such that there will be a lot of action or that 2 or 3 players all have very strong hands. However, you wouldn’t believe the hot runs I have seen of some players in live casino games (the player would eventually often give it all back) from horrible players. And nobody is saying that live games are rigged but the suspicion always falls on the online games.

Final Thoughts  

Most WSOP online games are for play money, so rigging the site may not affect a player’s finances too much. However, if you’re buying play chips regularly, this is probably the worst site to play on, as most customers have reported that it’s rigged.

Some states also allow players to play for money on this website. However, if you live in these places, refrain from investing your money in a website accused of rigging.