Does the WSOP Main Event Have Rebuys in 2023?

Before the upcoming season of WSOP, my friends and I got into an argument while discussing a famous tweet by the 2004 runner-up, David Williams. I was on David’s side when he said that having rebuys in the main event of the WSOP can be much more beneficial for everyone.

Having rebuys in the main event of the WSOP is not allowed. This could damage the competitive nature of the tournament because rich players could go all in often just to get an unfair advantage over players who don’t rebuy. However, several other events in the WSOP in 2023 allow single or more rebuys.

In this article, I will mention the history of rebuys in the WSOP, how you can participate in the WSOP, its format, and other details about rebuys in the tournament.

Why Are Rebuys Not Allowed for the Main Event?

The main event is considered the most crucial part of the WSOP, as it attracts the highest number of participants.

As mentioned, David Williams (2004-runner up) advocated for rebuys in the main event, which actually made him face great backlash.

Most participants go all-in to buy their seats at the main event, and they would hate to see rich people “rebuy” their way to the final table. They think rebuying allows the rich to get an extra chance at winning, which is unfair.

People also believe that rebuys can damage the competitive nature of the tournament and should be banned. Some participants suggested single rebuys in the main event, but the WSOP has not yet approved it for the reasons mentioned above.

wsop casino with no rebuys
Rebuys would prolong the already long WSOP Main Event. Duration is not the main reason why the rebuys are not allowed at WSOP Main Event though. Players with deeper pockets could play a lot more aggressively and gamble more in order to gain a bigger stack. This would give them an unfair advantage over the players who wouldn’t be prepared to rebuy.

Can I Rebuy the Registration for Other Events in the WSOP?  

Although the WSOP main event does not allow rebuys, there are other side events in the WSOP that do allow rebuys. However, certain rules must be kept in mind.

A structure sheet is provided by the WSOP (link is updated for 2023, look at the RE-ENTRY column), which names all the events that allow rebuys. To re-enter an event, the participants need to register again for that particular event through the procedure mentioned above.

To rebuy, participants must not have any remaining chips from the game. Participants are also given the option to forfeit their current stack and rebuy. Disqualified players can also rebuy their registration for the given event.

Format and Rebuys for the WSOP 

There are many versions of poker played at the WSOP. The most popular ones are Texas Hold’em, Seven-card stud, and Omaha Hold’em. For these events, the minimum age is 21.

The Casino can modify the rules of the tournament and can refuse entry to anyone for the safety of the public. Participants can also buy tournament credit that can be used for registering at the WSOP.

The entry fees for every event are different and cover all administrative costs at the Casino. People cannot register through a third party unless licensed by the WSOP. Also, note that the Casino reserves the right to limit the number of seats awarded to satellite tournament winners.

The casino also reserves the right to place late registrants randomly on tables in games that have already started. Before entering the competition, all participants must have a photo ID and a Caesers Rewards Card.

Participants are allowed to register for more than one event. Participants playing in more than one event can transfer their buy-in amounts to another event or ask for a refund. However, the registration fees for any event will not be refunded.

Anyone who fails to comply with the rules will be banned from all future WSOP events. Players who do not play a hand by the third level of the event will not be allowed to continue and will be disqualified. Their buy-ins can be claimed before the WSOP ends.

There are a few tournaments that allow unlimited rebuys at WSOP. Some allow reentering if you bust on day A, while the majority do not have a re-entry option at all.

Participating in the WSOP

Thousands of poker players want to participate in the world’s most rewarding poker tournament, but not everyone gets a chance to play their hand at the WSOP.


The World Series of Poker, WSOP, is an annual poker competition that has taken place over five to six weeks in Las Vegas since 1970. At first, it was an event by the Texas Gambling Reunion, where professional poker players were invited to the Holiday Casino in Las Vegas.

It was the idea of Benny Binion, a renowned poker player, to turn this into a series of poker tournaments that take place every year. During this festival, several events take place. These events are tournaments of different varieties of poker. 

Initially, the WSOP featured only five games, including five-card stud, razz, and Texas hold’em. Over the years, more events were added, and the WSOP circuit was expanded across borders, which attracted more participants from different parts of the world.

In 1971, the event which held the game Texas hold’em was named the “Main Event” of the WSOP. This is a no-limit event where the winner gets a gold bracelet along with the tournament’s biggest prize. The winner is also named the World Champion of Poker. 

Participation Criteria

There are two ways to participate in any event at the WSOP. The first way to make your way to the WSOP is to participate in a satellite tournament. These tournaments take place online on different poker websites. Winners of these tournaments qualify for the specified event in the WSOP.

The other way is to purchase a seat for your specified event. The buy-in for the main event was $5000 but has now increased to $10000. 

To register for the events, the players need to go to the Paris Convention Centre. There they are allotted a Caesars Reward Card, without which they cannot enter any event.

Participants can also register online through Bravo Poker Live and pay online. Payments are accepted through credit cards, ACH, and Wire transfers. You can get a Caesars Rewards card here.

WSOP also has a website that holds online poker events. Despite its popularity, some people claim that the online version is rigged. You can learn more about this claim by reading my guide on the topic.


Most main event participants do not favor rebuys to keep the competition fair. Even though many other events at WSOP allow rebuys, they don’t risk people backing out from the main event and hence do not allow people to rebuy their tickets.